We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!
We’re Hiring!2017-05-23T17:13:02-04:00

We’re Hiring!

Love Animals?

The first part of being a pet sitter is having a deep love for animals, all of them!  Safety is our top priority because we love these furry family members.

Care About Their Well Being?

The most important part of being a petsitter is caring about their health.  We are sometimes the first ones to notice signs of illness and distress, because we are always paying attention to the details.

Come Work With Us!

Pet sitting is incredibly rewarding but also is not for the faint of heart!  If you think you’ve got what it takes and can’t see yourself happier doing anything else, get in touch!

Next Steps…

If this sounds like a good fit for you, send us and email with your resume and we will email you back with an application!

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