$20+ a Visit

(Multiple visits a day)

Perfect if you’re going away for the weekend or a month.  Customize your pets’ experience with visits when you need them.  We’re happy to provide love and care for more than just dogs and cats.  Barkside Petsitting lovingly serves most companion animals.

Each 30 minute ($20 visit) includes a walk for the doggos, water change and medicine, playtime, lovins and litter scooping (min 1x a day). 

60 Minute visits are $32 each.  They include all of the above with extra time for lovin, walks, brushing, playtime, etc.

Our typical vacation client books three 30 minute visits a day. We are happy to add more as needed.  For 3x a day visits, we usually come between 7-10am, 2-5pm and one last late night visit between 9-11pm.  If your furbabies are lucky enough to be getting 4 or more visits a day, those time slots will change.  

When booking vacation care, feel free to switch between 30 minute and 60 minute visits.  Not everyday has to be the same.


Worry about your pets being alone overnight? Check out our overnight stays.

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