Storm Preparedness with Pets – Florence Edition

Storm Preparedness with Pets – Florence Edition

Storm Prep Tips with Pets

News of an impending storm can be both scary and sometimes annoying. There is always the chance that with all the freaking out, the storm ends up a flop.  While we truly hope that ends up being the case with Florence, storm prep is important, especially when you have your fur family depending on you.

Here are some things you can do to be sure you are ready.

Buy extra supplies now.
  • Water
  • flash lights and batteries (avoid open flames if possible)
  • pet food
  • litter
  • back up meds for people and pets
  • treats to help keep everybody calm
  • Maybe get a couple new toys you can pull out if things start to get stressful and loud.

Do this now, don’t wait till Wednesday before a Thursday/Friday storm.

Know your zone!!

The know your zone site for Virginia

This is incredibly important! If you and your pets need to evacuate, knowing your zone and route out is essential. To find your zone click here.

Prepare as though you might have to evacuate.

This part of storm prep can be stressful, but making a plan ahead of the storm can ensure everyone gets where they need to be safely if the time arrises.  Come up with a plan for you can go and take your pets.  Most shelters are not open to pets, so do research and maybe call a friend from out of town to see if you can stay with them for a bit. When we see shelters open to pets in the area, we will be sure to list them on our Facebook Page.

An important part of evacuation prep is to have a go bag ready.

Essential papers (vet and license records if you are going to a shelter.) Food, water and bowls, medicine, food, leashes (muzzles if necessary), treats, harnesses, cat or small dog carriers, if you have a folding kennel, putting it in your car now is a good move.

Secure all fencing and gates.

Strong winds regularly blow out fence panels and we see an increase in lots pets right after storms.  Secure your yard before the storm and check it again before letting pets out to do their business. Keeping pets who are going outside on a leash, even in your backyard till the yard can be thoroughly checked after a storm is a good idea.

Update microchip information.

Go to the manufacturers’ website of your pets’ microchip and make sure all your info is up to date.  Many need to be renewed every year.  Don’t assume your info is up to date.

Have a Safe Space ready in your house.

Clean out a closet, bathroom or small room away from windows.  Move some comfy blankets, pillows and pet beds in and have a little sanctuary set up.  Many animals like to go hide in tubs and showers during a storm.  Convert their favorite (safe) place into a little storm sanctuary.  Panicked pets are ones who are more likely to escape.

Have a backup bathroom ready for pets.

Sod in a kiddie pool for a makeshift indoor dog bathroom.

Even the biggest pups can get scared and refuse to go out to pee in a storm.  There are several different ways to give your pets a good place to pee in the house, without ruining your floors.  You can go all out and make a little pee pool like this,  set up some pee pads, or put a little patch of fake grass on top of an old crate tray.

There you go!  Get to the store and get yourself organized!  If you have any tips on things you do to get your pets ready, let us know on our Facebook Page!