Home Security Cameras – Our thoughts as your pet sitters

Home Security Cameras – Our thoughts as your pet sitters

What’s The Big Deal?

The use of security cameras in homes where pet sitters are working has become a bit of a hot button issue within the professional community.  Nanny cams became popular for exposing abuse within the childcare community a long time ago.  The lower cost of technology and pets now being part of the family, they are being used to show abuses within the pet care community as well.  

With the increased popularity some companies have instituted rules around them from they aren’t allowed at all to they must be disabled while the pet sitters are there.  (We only have one rule – its an easy one I promise.)  Companies and individuals who oppose clients with cameras in their homes often do so saying they feel uncomfortable and or violated.

Security Cameras – Our Position

This may come as a shock to many, but honestly, we really don’t care if you’ve got 40 cameras in your home.  I’ve got them in my home and certainly would never begrudge you for doing the same.  I mean, please don’t put security cameras in bathrooms or bedrooms where we are supposed to be sleeping for an overnight, but other than that, go crazy with them!  We are professionals and it is easy to see on your cameras and in speaking with us.

Why Do Pet Sitters Make Such A Big Stink?

It’s honesty time again, I really don’t know.  We do sometimes get the uncomfortable feeling that we’re being watched.  That passes quickly though.  This is your home and you have a right to know what is going on.  Hell, if we worked in retail we’d have 50 different cameras on us at all times anyway.

Why We Don’t Make A Stink

Those in the pet sitting community, have seen countless videos of pets being neglected and harmed on home security systems.  This is especially true with the advent of “Uber like” petsitting and dog walking companies where often untrained and irresponsible individuals are left in the care of pets.  The only way the incidents have been identified and the people responsible punished is because of the cameras.  At Barkside Petsitting we fully support the use of security cameras to check in on your pets and see their smiling faces.

How Do Security Cameras In Your Home Change What We Do?

The bottom line is they don’t.  We don’t require that you tell us about any cameras in your home.  (Just please abide by the bathroom and sleeping area rule.)  We assume that every house we go into has a security camera somewhere.  We always have your pets’ best care in mind and you are free to check that out on your cameras.  Barkside Petsitting is confident you will be happy with what you see on your camera.  

What Can You Expect To See & Hear On Your Security Camera?

If you have cameras, you will probably catch us doing something embarrassing at one point or another.  We sing to pets, use silly voices, and have a habit of looking ridiculous in the process.  You have been warned!  You’ll also see them having a great time, giving us hugs and kisses and doing their cutest tricks to get treats out of us.  (We also love taking pictures of them doing said cute things to send to you!)  Other than that, we will never do anything with your pets we would be ashamed of and therefore, don’t care if you’re watching.

Other Reasons To Invest In A Camera

Aside from the obvious, preventing burglaries and checking to make sure we’re taking excellent care of your pets, home security cameras can be a really great tool.  Anytime you are having a problem with separation anxiety (in your pets), a security camera can be a huge help.  You can see how your pets behave when you are gone.  Did they pee cause they just couldn’t hold it?  Did they get spooked?  Is your pup pacing back and forth? Barking? Howling?

Seeing what your pets are doing and potentially why can help you address issues they may be having.  In the process, your neighbors might even thank you.  

Want Recommendations?

We stand by our policy so strongly, we’ll help you put some new security camera in yourself.  There are so many different security cameras on the market all with different features.  Send us a message and we’d be happy to help you find one within your budget and tech IQ.  We are happy that home security cameras are shedding light on abuse, keeping you, your pets & your home safe.

Here is a good place to get started.