Recall Alert! Rawhide and Treats

Recall Alert! Rawhide and Treats

Rawhide Recall

There has been a rawhide recall with several different brand names released today under the United Pet Group and Spectrum Brands.  This recall also includes treat products containing rawhide.  The cause is a chemical cleaning agent used on the hide that is causing gastrointestinal upset severe enough for veterinary treatment.  

Dangers of Rawhide

This is the first rawhide recall in 2017 that we could find.  There seem to be far more recalls of dog and cat food than rawhides.  However the danger they present is always a real one regardless of recalls.  The “cleaning” agents used in rawhide have always been something of concern because they contain ammonia and all kinds of other nasty things.  They also pose a large choking hazard and can cause digestion issues in the form of blockages.  

We do not recommend giving pets rawhide ever.  There are plenty of less harmful chewing alternatives.

Which Products Are Affected By This Rawhide Recall?

If you do have rawhides in your house from the following companies with expiration dates between 6/1/19 and 5/31/20.   This rawhide recall affects products in all size packages and weights.  Lot codes all start with AH, AV, A, AI, AO or AB.

Affected Brands:

  • American Beefhide
  • Digest-eeze
  • Healthy Hide (including Healthy Hide – Good -n- Fun and Healthy Hide – Good -n- Fit)

What Do I Do If I Have It?

Again, if you have any of these products in your home dispose of them, call the United Pet Group or return them to the store where you purchased them.  For more information see the FDA report.  

What Should I Give My Pet To Chew?

If you are looking for great raw hide alternatives and are local to Virginia Beach, head on over to our friends at Zoom Room Virginia Beach.  In the store they have a full “cadaver bar” made with products safe for your pups and sourced and processed in the United States.  Their staff is incredibly knowledgeable and will take the time to find out what is a good match for your fur babies.

Nellie’s favorite is the Yak Milk Chew!