Pet Sitting FAQs

Pet Sitting FAQs
Pet Sitting FAQs2017-06-10T12:01:51+00:00

If your questions aren’t answered in our Pet Sitting FAQs send us a message!  We’ll be happy to help!

How do I sign up?

First fill out our contact form or send us an email telling us a little bit about your pets and what types of visits you need.  We will give you a call back within 48 hours and go over any questions you might have.  At this point if it looks like a good fit for your pets’ needs we will send you a link to log in to our online system and we will set up an in person consult.  At the consult we will come over, meet the lovelies and learn about their routine.  There is no charge for the consult and no obligation.  After that you’re ready to go!  We require you to give us two tested working keys and keep a credit card on file in the system to schedule visits.

Do you charge extra for more than one pet?

We never charge extra based on number of pets.  If you do have more than a few and they require we spend more time at your house, we will recommend switching to a longer visit.  Our rates are based on time spent, so quality never suffers.  We also don’t charge extra for medicine, feedings, etc.

Will you board my pet at your home?

No.  We are an in your home pet sitting service.  We do not take your pets home with us, as much as we might want to sometimes!!

Do you have breed restrictions?

Never!  We’ve got a special place in our hearts for bully breeds and those with an unfair reputation.  We never deny services based on breed.  We temperament test every pet in our care.

What if my dog doesn’t like other dogs?

Not a problem!  All our walks are “private”.  As a matter of safety we routinely practice avoidance with other animals.  We will not bring client pets to interact with other people or animals unless we know they’ve been friendly together before.

I’m not in Virginia Beach.  Will you still come watch my pets?

Right now we are only in Virginia Beach.  If we are not in your area or we are unable to take on new clients in your part of Virginia Beach we will be happy to send you the name and contact info of other trusted professional pet sitters who are in your area.

Why do you need two keys?

We always require one back up key.  In the event of a broken key or an emergency where your primary sitter is unexpectedly unavailable we will use the back up key we keep on file to get your pets the care they need.

Why do I need to keep a credit card on file?

We do not require payment upfront like some companies do, however we do require a credit card be left on file in our secure system.  This card will not be charged except in the event of non-payment after 2 weeks.  When you go to pay your invoice, you can pay with a different credit/debit card or leave a check or cash at the visit if you prefer.  Please keep in mind we do not accept post-dated checks.