Microchipping Your Pet – Why you need it

Microchipping Your Pet – Why you need it

What is pet microchipping?

Pet microchipping is when a small chip is placed within your pets skin. The chip is used to help locate a pet if it ever gets loose outside and you cannot find it. This chip is about the size of a grain of rice and your pet doesn’t feel it.  The information about your pet is stored in a database that can be accessed when a pet becomes lost.

Why should I microchip?

Pet microchipping​ is extremely useful when a pet becomes lost. When a pets found and brought to an animal shelter the first thing they do is check for a microchip. If your pet has a microchip then the clinic will be able to contact the owner and make arrangements for pick up. If there is no chip then your pet will wait for the clinics designated waiting period then will potentially be adopted out again. This is not a great scenario for pet lovers.

Who should be microchipped?

The short answer is all pets. No matter how hard we try to keep our pets inside, on leash, or by our side there is always an opportunity for the pets to get away. No responsible pet owner let’s their pet go to wander unattended. We don’t plan for those instances so that is where the microchipping comes in.

So how do I get my pet microchipped?

Your local veterinary clinic can assist in getting your pet chipped. Most vets recommend getting pets microchipped because it helps reunite lost pets with owners.

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Ok, so I got my pet microchipped, now what?

Once you get your pet microchipped find out what chip program they have been microchipped with. When you leave the vet they will provide you with the pet microchipping information​ which includes the website and the chip number. Create an account and update the information. The information should be updated every time there is a change in address or phone number. Remember pet microchipping is the quickest way for pets to be reunited with their owners.