Benefits of In Home Care vs Boarding Pets

Benefits of In Home Care vs Boarding Pets

In Home Care vs. Boarding

When making the decision between in home care and boarding, boarding pets can be a great option for many dogs.  They have someone with them almost all the time, there are plenty of other pets around to everyone entertained and it is relatively inexpensive.

There are many benefits to keeping dogs and cats at home though.  We know our friends running boarding facilities love the pets in their care just like we do, but there are some downsides to having many animals together in close quarters.


If you have ever been to a boarding facility you know it is LOUD.  Some pets do not do well with the incessant noise.  It can lead to anxiety and behavioral issues.  With in home care, pets hear all the familiar sounds they’re used to and nothing more. 

Spread of Disease

With so many animals in close quarters, even the most sanitary boarding facilities can’t stop saliva, feces and urine from making its way around.  Right now K9 Influenza is of growing concern in our area. Shared drinking bowls, toys and even just some slobbery play time can lead to your healthy pets in need of a vet trip.  While boarding kitties don’t typically have as much interaction with other animals, bacteria is easily spread in the cleaning on litter boxes.  The close proximity and shared air can lead to sickness.

No Interactions With Unknown Animals

We as a rule do not allow pets in our care to interact with other animals unless we know they have a good history together.  At a boarding facility there can be 70 or more dogs in a “play group” with one or two humans facilitating.  Fights can easily break out in the chaos and you’d need a super hero to break up that kind of fight.

One on One Attention

We deal one on one with your pets.  In home care allows for us to monitor behavior changes as well as diet and waste production.  If your dog ends up with a bout of diarrhea or isn’t eating like normal in a boarding environment, it is likely to go unnoticed.  

Stress / Anxiety Management

Because we are in your home one on one with your pets when we notice any issues we can address them.  If your dog seems bored and lonely we can bring over some new toys and puzzles to work their brain.  When pets having some intestinal issues we’re happy to bring over some bland meat and plain rice till their feeling better.  If kitty has gone into hiding and seems scared we’ll bring some toys and treats. When needed we will add more/longer visits so she has time to acclimate.  Sometimes all it takes is turning on the radio or tv nice and low to get a little extra background noise.  

House Looks Lived In

While you’re away, your house won’t be sitting empty and dark.  As part of our in home care services, we will rotate lights and blinds, there will be a car coming and going in the driveway, we’ll bring in the mail and packages and of course if you have pups they’re sure to still be heard here and there.  

If you feel your pet isn’t suited to in home care, despite the many benefits, we understand!  We just want the best for them.  Barkside Petsitting will be happy to recommend a boarding facility that meets all your needs.  Just send us a message!