Why Hire A Professional Petsitter

Why Hire A Professional Petsitter

We get the question a lot, “Why would someone pay your rates when they can get the neighbor’s kid/a friend/someone on dog vacay/craigslist/you name it, for a lot cheaper?”  The decision to hire a professional petsitter can change your life and certainly your pets’ life!

We try not to take offense, we get it, we are all trying to save a little cash.  The truth is there are tons of reasons to hire a professional petsitter over a hobby sitter, neighbor, or friend.  Here are just a few.

What you get when you hire a professional petsitter

Commitment can’t be understated.

Professional petsitters have committed to spending the bulk of our time caring for animals.  We regularly spend time in training and learning about different pets, body language, proper nutrition, concerning behaviors, fun fixes for common pet problems.  Professional petsitters take fun with your pets seriously too!

We get to know and love your animals.

I can’t begin to tell you the excitement we get when we find you are going on a fun vacation and we get to have fun with your pets.  As professional petsitters we see them sometimes 4x a day while your away or everyday while you’re at work.  We learn about them, their likes and dislikes, their funny quirks and all the amazing things that make them who they are.  Barkside team members are sad when we have to leave them and are thrilled every time we see their smiling faces again.

You can trust us.

Hire a professional petsitter and rest easy knowing we are licensed, bonded and insured.  We are not someone you hire online and hope they show up.  The professional petsitters at the Barkside will send you a message with an update at every visit.  We throw in pictures, videos and anecdotes about your furry/scaly/slimy/feathered/shelled loved ones that will make you smile.

We pay attention to your pets.

You won’t see Barkside Petsitters dragging an unwilling dog down the street while playing Pokemon Go on their phones.  (Even though we love the game.)  We know pets tell us lots of things about how they are feeling and what they need as long as we are paying enough attention to see it. If we think your pet(s) trying to tell us they aren’t feeling just right we’ll let you know right away.  We are also happy to direct you to great resources and products to help out.

We are happy to name a bunch more but this post is getting a bit long and I could go on for awhile.  If you have any questions about this or anything else pet related, send us an email.