Easy Healthy Pet Treats

Easy Healthy Pet Treats

The Growing Problem Of Pet Obesity

Obesity is an issue that we as people have done a really good job of spreading to our pets.  Statistics show that over 59% of cats and 54% of dogs are overweight.  Just like us, its easy to put on the weight and tough to take off, especially for pets who are largely dependent on us for exercise and diet.  Throw in the treats we give while training and lets be honest, just cause we love them and their weight can increase quickly.  Here are a few idea on easy healthy pet treats.

For The Pups

We’ll start with the simple first.  This is probably something you already have on hand. If you have an overweight pup, frozen green beans and carrots can be your best friend!  Carrots are a little higher in sugar, but a great for introducing your pet to veggies.  They contain lots of vitamin A and do wonders for dental health. These healthy pet treats are yummy and cool!  A great summer snack.

Frozen green beans are a spectacular treat and addition to meals.  In the summer, this cooling treat also has tons of fiber to help your pup feel a little less ravenous.  It also has the benefits of vitamins K & C, and manganese.  You can even replace some of your pups’ food with green beans during meal time.

If your pup isn’t going for the veggies, don’t worry.  Try switching out your normal treats for smaller low calorie treats.  We love using Zuke’s Mini Naturals.  These are only a few calories each.  Your pups will love them because they are super stinky.  The sign of a great treats.  They also come in great flavors like duck, pork, rabbit and salmon.  These

Healthy Treats For Cats

Remember healthy pet treats don’t always need to be edible.  For the kitties a great special treat is cat nip!  Even if they aren’t eating it, you can tell by their behavior they feel like they’ve won the kitty lottery!  As an added benefit, its common for a kitty playing with cat nip to roll around, jump, chase anything that moves and just generally become for active.

If your cat doesn’t seem to care for dried cat nip, try a small planter with Cat Mint.  This beautiful plant isn’t just pretty, its also low maintenance.  Just be sure it is in a very secure planter.  Kitties love to rub up against it.

If your kitty is more motivated by food, you can try small pieces of lean meat or fish.  Cook it very plain, no seasonings or salt and break off pieces as special reward.

The Key to Keeping Healthy Pet Treats, Healthy…

Always use even healthy pet treats in moderation and try using them to teach agility tricks (yes even the kitties can get some agility action!)  That way you’re incorporating movement with giving healthy treats.

For more tips on keeping pets at a healthy weight check out the resources below:

Association for Pet Obesity Prevention

Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine