Ditch The Bowl – Feeding Should Be Fun – Part 1

Ditch The Bowl – Feeding Should Be Fun – Part 1

Don’t know what Ditch the Bowl means?  You’re in the perfect place!

If you are feeding your pups in a standard dog bowl, you’re missing out!  Ditch the Bowl!  If you think I’m nuts, I get it.  I was there once too.  Now that I have seen the improvement in digestion, training and boredom behaviors, I will never go back!  Read ahead to find out why you should ditch the bowl.  Our next post in the series will talk about how to get started.

My dogs love eating out of a bowl!  Why should I bother doing anything different?

I get it.  I started just feeding my dog out of toys for fun here and there.  Recently I converted to ditching the bowl and it has made a ton of difference in our house.

  • Fun! I mentioned it briefly above, but by requiring a little effort for your pup to eat some food, you’re also requiring that they have some fun.  They will sniff, paw, lick, chew, follow, chase and learn.  All things your pup should do everyday. 
  • Better digestion. All kinds of tricks have been used over the years to get pups to slow down when eating.  Tennis ball in the bowl, a smaller upside down bowl in the food bowl, we’ve seen it all.  All these trick are there for a reason.  When dogs eat too quickly, they take in too much air.  This can lead to intestinal distress, choking, and obesity.  If those reasons don’t convince you, their gas should.
  • Improving your relationship.  Sure you take your pup everywhere.  You snuggle in front of Netflix for hours at a time and if you have ice cream, chances are pup is getting a taste too.  But, have you ever seen pup look at you or anything else like he does the food bowl?  I think not.  By taking the steps to ditch the food bowl, pup will start to look to you like she did the bowl.  And pup would do anything for a food bowl.

Our next post will detail the different ways you can ditch the bowl.