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To schedule your free consult send us an email.  Tell us a little bit about your pets, what type of services you are looking for, and what neighborhood of Virginia Beach you live in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we get from our clients. Don’t see your question answered here? Send us a message.

We are a small specialized company and only cover some areas of Virginia Beach.  If you aren’t in our coverage area, we will be happy to refer you to another professional in our network.
Absolutely!  Before we do, we will reccomend you get an Easy Walk or Freedom Harness.  It will give us a little more control while walking.  We will also show you some tricks to help teach good leash manners and refer you to an amazing positive trainer.
Not at this time.  We are happy to practice basic commands and loose leash walking during our visits, but we are not trainers.  If you need one, please reach out.  We know some pretty great people locally.
We do not offer any discounts currently, except referral credits.  The team members of Barkside Petsitting pride ourselves on our professionalism and our ability to do our job better than anyone else.  In order to keep the best people working for us, we need to pay them a decent wage, we put a very high value on their time and care.
We pick up poop every time we see it and scoop litter boxes a minimum of once a day.  If your pet has an accident before we get there, we will clean it up and do our best to eliminate any stains.  (Just leave us some cleaning supplies.)

We know your pets would love some extra attention while you are out of town, but our insurance simply won’t allow others to access the home.  It can become a safety and security issue very quickly.

We are happy to water plants, but we make no promises about our green thumb or lack there of.  Let us know in the schedule request notes and we will do our best to keep everything blooming.  If you have a lot of plants, we may need to extend visit times.
First of all we’d like to apologize.  Do to the nature of this business, we spend most of our waking hours running all over town.  It may take us a day (more during holidays) to get back to you.  We want to ensure that we have the time to give you all our focus and attention.  If it has been more than a day, send us a second message.  Technology isn’t always kind.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

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