treat recall expanded

The FDA has released a recall alert for many bone treats for dogs.  There is no, one brand named in the bone treat recall.  The type of bones are ones often seen in pet and grocery stores.  Bone treats relevant to the recall are often described as knuckle bones, ham bones, pork femur bones, smoky bones, rib bones and more.

While we do not ever recommend giving dogs cooked bones as a treat, this recall for danger is due to more than the “accepted risks” of feeding cooked bones.  (To learn about the dangers of cooked bones for dogs, send us a message.  We plan to write a post on it down the road.)

According to the FDA 90 different reports have been made about the bones being moldy, splintering, as well as other issues.  The bone treat recall is a result of animals experiencing gastro intestinal upset, choking, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, cuts and wounds to mouth and internal organs, and death.

Please always exercise caution when giving pets any kind of chew treat.  Furthermore, avoid these cooked bones.

What can I give my dog?

If you are looking for a safer alternative, try raw soup or marrow bones.  As always watch your pet while eating and make sure you select an appropriate sized boned.  Raw bones are not without their own set of risks, as with any chew.  They are generally accepted to be safer than cooked bones.

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