Beach Restrictions Affecting Your Dog – Where to go instead

Beach Restrictions Affecting Your Dog – Where to go instead

Summer Is Coming And So Are Beach Restrictions

With this weekend being the start of College Beach Week, its a good time for a reminder that summer is on its way.  Summer brings with it all kinds of amazing things; ice cream, pool time, yummy summer drinks and watermelon.  But is also brings along some not so great stuff; mosquitoes, humidity, and BEACH RESTRICTIONS.

Rocko is one of the amazing fosters we get the opportunity to walk. To find out more about him and other adoptable click on his picture!

Yup, thats right!  Make sure you aren’t caught on the beach with a pup, after 9am from the Friday of Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day Monday.   While this is a bummer, there are some pretty valid reason for this rule.

But Why You Ask?!?

  1. First of all a pup’s paws can certainly be damaged by the rising temperatures of the sand.
  2. Animals, especially those with lots of fur are prone to overheating in the rising summer temperatures.
  3. The beach is crazy crowded!  That many people and so much stimulation can make people and pets a little nuts.

As a result even the most good natured people and animal loving dog can easily become overwhelmed and irritated in these circumstances.  Its the perfect storm for accidental bites and can put your doggos’ life in danger.  So keep off the beach during restricted times.

What Are The Penalties?

Those caught breaking this rule can be hit with a Class 4 Misdemeanor and subject to pay a find of around $250.

Don’t forget picking up poop all year round.  Those who don’t poop and scoop are subject to a Class 1 Misdemeanor as well as 1 year in jail and $2,500 in fines!!!!

What CAN We Do This Summer?

This summer, try something new!  Be adventurous! Beach restrictions can seem like a bummer but don’t let it get you down.  Be creative and find new fun things for your pup.  Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas, have tons of other options for getting your pup out of the house and having fun.

Camping at First Landing State Park

  1.  First Landing State Park – This park features over 2,000 acres of hiking, biking, swimming, and camping.  Dogs are even allowed to camp with their owners!  Keep in mind there is a small $4 parking fee.  (Pro Tip: Park members do not have to pay the parking fee.)
  2. Newport News Park–  Offers all the First Landing does with even more space to spread out.  Hiking in the cover of trees will keep the temps a bit lower.  Take extra care to have lots of clean drinking water and a bowl or cup for doggo.
  3. Zoom Room Virginia Beach– For those days when staying in the AC is a better idea.  Zoom Room offers private gyms, playgroups, positive training, agility leagues, you name it!  Pup parents stay the whole time and there is always an experienced trainer running things.  Check out Zoom Room and do an evaluation so you can jump right in when the weather gets hot.
  4. Going to the beach is still an option if you go bright and early or after 6pm.  (Which is often the most beautiful time anyway.)  Take your pet out for a nice early walk with your coffee or do an after dinner stroll.  Who needs the crowds anyway!