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Home Security Cameras – Our thoughts as your pet sitters

What’s The Big Deal? The use of security cameras in homes where pet sitters are working has become a bit of a hot button issue within the professional community.  Nanny cams became popular for exposing abuse within the childcare community a long time ago.  The lower cost of technology and […]

Recall Alert Expanded – Rawhide and Treats – Dentley’s and more

Treat Recall Expanded We notified you last week about a recall concerning rawhide and treats from the United Pet Group. Just today the rawhide treat recall expanded to include treats from more of their brands. This expansion to the recall includes many brands we see regularly in clients’ homes including […]

Recall Alert for Loving Pets Treats

Recall Alert for Loving Pets Treats has been issued.    Loving Pets treats, manufactured in the United States has issued a voluntary recall for potential salmonella contamination.  As of yet, no illnesses or injuries have been reported.  This appears to be the first recall alert for Loving Pets Treats in […]

Recall Alert! Rawhide and Treats

Rawhide Recall There has been a rawhide recall with several different brand names released today under the United Pet Group and Spectrum Brands.  This recall also includes treat products containing rawhide.  The cause is a chemical cleaning agent used on the hide that is causing gastrointestinal upset severe enough for […]

Ditch the Bowl – Ways to Start – Part 2

This is our second post in our series about ditching the bowl focusing on ways to ditch the bowl. If you haven’t read the first post about why you should ditch the bowl, Click Here     Ways to Ditch the Bowl Take food out with you on walks This […]

Ditch The Bowl – Feeding Should Be Fun – Part 1

Don’t know what Ditch the Bowl means?  You’re in the perfect place! If you are feeding your pups in a standard dog bowl, you’re missing out!  Ditch the Bowl!  If you think I’m nuts, I get it.  I was there once too.  Now that I have seen the improvement in […]

Benefits of In Home Care vs Boarding Pets

In Home Care vs. Boarding When making the decision between in home care and boarding, boarding pets can be a great option for many dogs.  They have someone with them almost all the time, there are plenty of other pets around to everyone entertained and it is relatively inexpensive. There […]

Smushy-Nosed (brachycephalic) Dogs – What you need to know

Smushy-Nosed (brachycephalic) dogs  Smushy-nosed? Brachycephalic? Ahh big words that I am not sure what they mean! What do they mean? Are you insulting my dog?  Actually no…these are words used to describe a specific type of dog snout.  Well, do I have a Smushy-Nose Dog: Each dog has a different snout […]