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Bone Treat Recall Alert

The FDA has released a recall alert for many bone treats for dogs.  There is no, one brand named in the bone treat recall.  The type of bones are ones often seen in pet and grocery stores.  Bone treats relevant to the recall are often described as knuckle bones, ham […]

4th of July Pet Safety – Tips For Happier Pets

4th of July Pet Safety Is Easy If You Think Ahead! The 4th of July is a ton of fun for us but is incredibly stressful for our pets. There are lots of people around, loud noises, tons of strange smells, and lots of drinking. This is a recipe for […]

Home Security Cameras – Our thoughts as your pet sitters

What’s The Big Deal? The use of security cameras in homes where pet sitters are working has become a bit of a hot button issue within the professional community.  Nanny cams became popular for exposing abuse within the childcare community a long time ago.  The lower cost of technology and […]

Recall Alert Expanded – Rawhide and Treats – Dentley’s and more

Treat Recall Expanded We notified you last week about a recall concerning rawhide and treats from the United Pet Group. Just today the rawhide treat recall expanded to include treats from more of their brands. This expansion to the recall includes many brands we see regularly in clients’ homes including […]